Get the premium quality grease from the best grease suppliers of chennai

We all know that lubricating greases are used on mechanical appliances like bearings or gears or automobiles. The properties of greases are such that these allow the grease to act as both lubricant and soap. These are chosen based on the machine’s working speed, temperature range, and bearing capacity.

Grease is the sum of three components, i.e. oil, thickener, and additives.

  • Base oil- 80% to 95%
  • Thickener- 05% to 20%
  • Additives- 0 to 10%

All of these three ingredients make up the lubricating grease which is now used for various purposes. Greases stand out in particular because of their high melting points, making them acceptable for use in high-temperature environments. Though these greases aren’t completely water-resistant, this is why many grease suppliers in Tiruvallur sell calcium grease.

Choose the best grease suppliers in Tiruvallur

There are a variety of grease suppliers in Madurai who claim to be the best. However, Sharp Lubes is the one that tops the list. We provide a high-quality selection of Lubricating Grease that is in high demand across a wide range of sectors. These greases are made as per international standards.

Here are some of the many advantages of choosing Sharp Lubes as your next grease supplier in Tiruvallur:

  • High-quality grease products- Since Sharp Lubes is an Indo-Canadian company, we have served thousands of clients in more than 16 countries across the world. Our competence and expertise in selling high-quality products have made us the best grease suppliers in Tiruvannamalai.


  • Provides excellent mechanical solutions- Sharp Lubes’ grease products provide effective and long-lasting protection against wear, corrosion, and external factors. We have been able to obtain effective and valuable feedback from our clients across 16+ countries as a result of our ability to provide long-term solutions.


  • Responsible grease supplier- Sharp Lubes are the most responsible grease supplier in Tiruvannamalai that works ethically and honestly. We develop and express our lubricant products in a way by taking care of our client’s needs and wants. We have established a solid name as a customer-centric grease supplier in the world.

Applications of grease manufactured by Sharp Lubes

One should select grease as per his need or demand. Sharp Lubes, the leading grease supplier in Madurai, sells a variety of grease lubricants that may be used for a variety of applications, including:


  • Machines that are used regularly or that have been in storage for a long time. Since grease is intact, a lubricating layer can form instantaneously.
  • Sharp Lubes’ high-quality greases can lubricate isolated or difficult-to-reach components for extended periods of time without needing to be refilled.
  • Our greases are also used in life-sealed applications such as electrical motors and gearboxes.
  • This grease is also utilized in machinery that runs in difficult environments like high temperatures and pressures, shock loads, or slow speeds under heavy loads.
  • Sharp Lubes, the best grease supplier in Tiruvallur, sells lithium grease that is ideal for a variety of automotive applications, including bearings and bearing units, car doors and locks, bearings and bearing units, battery terminals, and so on.


Choosing a grease lubricant brand among the excessive competition in the market is a daunting task. But when you know about the best grease supplier in Madurai, your tension eases. So, now that you know Sharp Lubes is your best friend when it comes to purchasing the highest quality grease, why wait? Call us or visit our website for more information!



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