What do you need to know about grease and its properties?

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Grease is a liquid lubricant and a thickening agent combined to form a solid to the semi-fluid product. The basic features of grease are determined by the type of thickening and the characteristics of the liquid lubricant.

Grease is a combination of:

Base Oil (70-90%) +Thickener/Soap (5-20%) + Additives (1-10%)

Sharp Lubes is the best Grease Manufacturers in Ethiopia that specializes in high-quality grease made from the above-mentioned components. Not just one or two, but Sharp Lubes
deals in the multiple categories of greases globally. We’ll get to that later, but first, let’s go through the basics of grease and how it’s formed.

Base oil

The grease’s lubricating properties are derived from the oil and additives, and not the thickener. The thickener, on the other hand, has an impact on the grease’s performance and applicability. The majority of greases on the market today are made with mineral oil, but grease with a synthetic base oil will be more stable in temperature extremes (low or high). In most industrial applications, these mineral oil-based greases deliver satisfactory results.


The role of the thickener is to store oil until it’s needed for lubrication. A lubricating grease’s thickener is the component that distinguishes it from fluid lubricants. Thickeners are molecules, polymers, or particles that are partially soluble in lubricating fluid and arrange themselves in such a way that the grease becomes semi-solid.


In lubricating grease, additives can perform a variety of roles. Some of them are enhancing existing desirable traits, decreasing existing unpleasant properties, and imparting new properties. The common additives are oxidation and rust inhibitors, extreme pressure, antiwear, and friction-reducing compounds.

Functional Properties of Grease

Since Sharp Lubes is known as the best grease supplier in Kenya, its grease has various meaningful properties such as:

  • Acts as a sealant- If one buys grease from the best Grease Manufacturers in Tanzania, he will know that this grease acts as a sealant preventing leaks and keeping contaminants out. Grease acts as a sealant, preventing lubricant leakage as well as the entry of corrosive contaminants and foreign elements due to its viscosity.
  • Ability to pump- Pumpability refers to a grease’s ability to be pumped or pushed through a system. The ease with which pressurized grease can flow through grease-dispensing system lines, nozzles, and fittings is known as pumpability.
  • Good water resilient- Sharp Lubes, the best Grease Manufacturers in Ethiopia, offers water-repellent greases that protect the applications inside the water. These water-resistant greases protect against corrosion while also ensuring lubrication without deterioration by preventing water from penetrating bearings.
  • Provides good oxidization protection- Sharp Lubes’ high-temperature greases can protect the application against oxidation. Grease combines with oxygen to generate intractable gum, sludges, and lacquer-like coatings, resulting in sluggish operation, increased wear, and reduced clearance. Grease oxidation is accelerated by prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
  • Great dropping point- The lithium complex grease of Sharp Lubes, the best Grease Manufacturers in Kenya, has approximately a dropping point of 500℉. The temperature at which a grease moves from a semi-solid to a liquid form is known as its dropping point. It is suited for a variety of applications, including automotive, gardening, industrial, home, and high-stress metal-to-metal applications, thanks to this quality.

Common Applications of Greases

Although grease and lubricant oil are not interchangeable, Tanzania’s top Grease Manufacturers advise utilizing grease in places where lubricant oil is unavailable, such as machinery.
However, the usage of grease is not limited to equipment; it is required in a variety of other situations too.

These are as follows:

  • The EP 2 is recommended for a wide range of applications in anti-friction and simple bearings, bushings, and pins operating at low temperatures.
  • The Gel grease made by Sharp Lubes is suggested for use in automotive wheel bearings on all types of travelers, commercial vehicles off-highway, farm machinery, and high-speed automobiles in extreme operating conditions and Industrial determinations. This is another reason why Sharp Lubes is known as the Best Grease Manufacturers in Ethiopia.
  • This grease is also used in machinery that operates in harsh conditions such as high temperatures and pressures, shock loads, or slow speed under heavy load.
  • The multi-purpose or multi-functional grease, whatever name you call it, is used for the lubrication of various equipment such as ball bearings, plain bearings, agriculture machinery, roller bearings, etc.
  • The lithium grease of Sharp Lubes is a go-to grease for various automotive applications such as bearings and bearing units, automotive doors and locks, bearing and bearing units, battery terminals, etc.

As a result, now that you understand what grease is and where it can be used, we hope it will be easier for you to take the desired action regarding grease and its properties.

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