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Mobil Gear Sequence is a line of incomparable performance, synthetic industrial gear oils intended to deliver exceptional guard of gears and bearings, prolonged oil life even under extreme circumstances, assisting to empower problem-free operation of apparatus and progressed customer efficiency. These methodically engineered synthetic oils are articulated from synthetic base liquids that have excellent corrosion and thermal possessions and outstanding low-temperature variability.

  • Features
  1. Excellent security from micro pitting exhaustion wear as well as a high confrontation to traditional deterioration wear
  2. Brilliant confrontation to deprivation at high temperatures
  3. Low adhesion
  4. High viscidness index associating to abridged viscidness change with temperature
  5. Superb confrontation to rust and deterioration and very good demulsibility
  6. Excellent shear constancy
  • Advantages
  1. Helps prolong oil life and sewer breaks and decrease oil consumption, which can subordinate preservation costs
  2. Services in decreasing energy ingesting and lower operating temperatures
  3. Helps prolong gear and bearing lifespan
  4. Littler filter variations; which can help decrease upkeep costs
  5. Less impurity and lower possible for oil leakage
  6. Easy exchange from several mineral products


These are non – caustic, simply washable, non-abrasive knitting oils which are self emulsifiable in water and deliver high level of wash ability from knitted yarns or materials.

Articulated by using high superiority of mineral oils & encouraged with designated extracts so as to deliver good anti-wear, antirust antistatic & anti-oxidant possessions.

  • Recommended as non – discoloration form needed lubricants for big radius circular knitting machines as well as for several further kinds of knitting machines & are apposite for instinctive oiling units commonly stable to circular knitting machines or by manual oiling procedures. These are recommended for weaving of cotton or cotton – polyester, synthetics & dyed / undyed yarns etc.


  1. Health: This product is not probable to yield hostile possessions on health when used for the proposed Application. Nevertheless protracted or repetitive skin contact with this oil is adverse to health. Clean appropriately with soap and water.
  2. Environment: Oil should not be disposed in sewer, soil and water. To be disposed through Accredited/official collector of lubricants only.


  1. Low number of friction.
  2. Brilliant wear security.
  3. Good deterioration protection.
  4. Cleaner Machineries and mechanism parts.
  5. Sticking free.
  6. Self emulsifiable.
  7. Water washable.


The needle of a circular knitting machine has a drizzly region and an arid region. The portion of the needle which is inside the cylinder trickeries and the cam containers is the drizzly zone of the needle, which is in continuous contact with the greasing oil. The arid zone is the portion of the needle which is expanded outer the cylinder trickeries and cam containers. This dry zone of the needle must be unrestricted by any lubricating oil.

  • Properties :
  1. exceptional preparation grounded on white oil with product-specific vigorous agents
  2. first-rate aging steadiness, high wear and deterioration shield
  3. comprises superior blending extracts enabling the scrubbing process
  4. sinks machine temperatures, laidback cold running, astonishing pour point
  5. satisfactory viscosity-temperature behavior
  6. Environmental and safe for skin
  • Specification
  1. Classified as DIN 62 136-1 for needle and sinker oils based on mineral oil.
  2. ISO VG 32
  3. GOTS 3.0; GOTS 4.0
  4. OECD-301C
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