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MP- 3 grease is a high ranking, versatile, NLGI 3grade, lithium grease grounded on an ISO VG 160 mineral oil. It is articulated to deliver extra safety against oxidizing and water washout in overall persistence automotive applications at modest temperatures and masses.

Features and Benefits

 MP 3 has an elongated history of a verified recital in overall purpose automotive applications and delivers the subsequent benefits:

  1. Comprehensive operating temperature variety
  2. Good confrontation to water washout
  3. Extra shield against rust and oxidization
  4. Brilliant structural constancy
  5. Lead, chlorine, and nitrite-free
  • Applications

MP 3 is suggested for the lubrication for a framework of automotive mechanisms, wheel bearings, clutch bearings, general joints, and ball joints of steering and suspension systems of traveler cars, trucks, farm tractors, and further kinds of mobile apparatus operating under adequate circumstances. The endorsed operating temperature variety MP 3 is -20ºC to 120ºC. In applications where weighty or shock loading is an aspect, extreme pressure greases are favored.


A lithium-based grease mass-produced to implement in high temperatures and high abrasion mechanical loads. High-Temp Grease is an effective way out for heavyweight trucks, farm, and manufacturing devices, and it’s constructive for everyday applications around the house.

  • Application

High-Temperature Grease is anticipated for usage in an extensive variety of plain and rolling component bearings within equally in the Automotive and Industrial markets, particularly pointing those applications where higher functioning temperatures are probable to beat the limits of conventional, lithium thickened greases.

The outstanding thermal and mechanical constancy of Castrol High-Temperature Grease makes it predominantly appropriate for use in automotive bearing applications where rotating swiftness may be higher or extended heavy braking may produce advanced than normal hub temperatures. Precise specimens may comprise cars fixed with disc brakes or commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses. Castrol High-Temperature Grease also proposals good confrontation to water and deterioration as well as very good weight carrying performance making it appropriate for all-purpose vehicle chassis lubrication or bearings on off-road construction vehicles where superior excesses of pressure might be predominant.

  • Benefits
  1. Outstanding thermal and mechanical constancy confirm prolonged product reliability across a wide operating temperature variety, thus permitting prolonged re-lubrication intervals and compact maintenance.
  2. Worthy extreme pressure and anti-wear possessions deliver the potential for prolonged element life.
  3. Good water confrontation delivers improved protection in applications where the potential for contact and pollution is higher.
  4. Good oxidization protection.
  5. Outstanding versatile potential empowering a saving in product inventory.


Chassis grease is Calcium grounded grease particularly expressed for vehicle chassis lubrication and protection. It is water resilient and comprises extreme pressure and tasteless agents, making it predominantly effective in the severe application such as big trucks and off-highway apparatus, used in the production industry. It is a NO 1 grade and pumps capable of consolidated greasing systems even at low temperatures.

  • Main Benefits:
  1. Extended service life.
  2. Brilliant Tackiness
  3. Good pump capability
  4. Good water resilient
  5. Good shear -steadiness and confrontation to vibration.
  • Applications
  1. Fundamental lubrication systems consuming semi-fluid greases in commercial vehicles–50°C and 100°C
  2. The semi-fluid grease systems of the subsequent manufacturers:
  3. Willie Vogel AG, Berlin (to -25°C )
  4. Mercedes Benz (Sheet 264.0 Semi-Fluid Greases).
  • Features
  1. Good pump capability in unified systems even at low temperatures
  2. Intended for centralized lubrication systems
  3. Abridged wear under hefty or shock heaping and vibration. Outstanding anti-wear performance
  4. A good defense against rust and oxidization and confrontation to water washout
  5. Controlled oil discharge


Gel grease is endorsed for the high weight and speed applications. Its tackiness helps to preserve for an elongated time. This grease is broadly used in automotive, industrial sectors for high temperature and promptness is the finest quality Gel automotive grease, with great drop point, good thermal and mechanical constancy and also having confrontation contrary to water washout.

  •      Application

Gel grease is the best feature grease which is suggested for use in an automotive wheel bearing on all categories of traveler, commercial vehicles off-highway, farm apparatus & high-speed automobiles in extreme operating situations and Industrial determinations.

  •      Features & Advantages
  1. Brilliant shock load storing capability
  2. Rust and oxidization repressed to defend metal surfaces
  3. Superb high temperatures competency,
  4. Grease remains in its place for a longer period so fewer often a re-greasing prerequisite
  5. Corrosion inhibitors authorize processes at high temperatures for prolonged periods of time
  6. Outstanding grease for maximum sealed-for-life bearings
  7. Comprehensive shield to anti-friction bearing.
  8. Thermo-oxidative and structural constancy.
  9. Remarkable load-bearing capability.
  10. Delivers the first-rate confrontation to structural and constancy changes. 


EP 0, 1, 2, 3, 004, and 023 products are a great performance family of four wide-ranging purpose manufacturing greases and two distinct duty semi-fluid greases. These lithium hydroxy stearate greases are articulated to deliver additional security against wear, corroding, and water washout. They are obtainable in varieties ranging from 00 to 3, with base oil thicknesses. 

     Features and Benefits

Sharp Lubes EP greases have an extensive history of confirmed performance and have validated good performance in the zones of deterioration protection, low-temperature pump ability, and high-temperature provision life. 

  1. Condensed wear under weighty or shock loading and vibration for good apparatus consistency and obtainability
  2. Shield against rust and oxidization and confrontation to water washout for apparatus protection and good lubrication even in the existence of water
  3. Prolonged bearing life prospective in drizzly environments for cheap bearing prices and unexpected downtime
  4. Worthy pump capability in centralized systems (EP 0 and 1)
  5. Effective seepage control (EP 004 and EP 02)


  1. EP 0 and EP 1 deliver good low-temperature pump ability and are apposite for centralized lubrication schemes and other applications where low-temperature performance is a prerequisite.
  2. EP 2 is commended for versatile applications in antifriction and simple bearings, bushings, and pins below normal operating situations.
  3. EP 3 is a more solid NLGI grade 3 grease suggested for applications where extreme security against diffusion of water or solid pollutants is a prerequisite.
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