Agriculture Oils


An engine oil established for agricultural Pump-Sets consecutively on Diesel, Kerosene, or Light Diesel Oil (LDO). The product is made from paraffinic base frameworks and encouraged with choosing additives to convey performance advantages in the pump-sets castoff in agriculture and farming undertakings. The superior additive chemistry not only guarantees the superior safety of the engine against wear and corrosion, but it also composes detergency supports to keep the engine uncontaminated and trouble-free for elongated service intervals.

  • Application

Sharp lubes are commended for all kinds of agricultural and farm apparatus like Pump sets, Tractors, Power tillers, Harvesters & DG sets necessitating good quality Diesel Engine Oils. Sharp Lubes products can also be used in petrol engines to deliver adequate performance.

  • Benefits
  1. Safeguards engine from wear and corrosion
  2. Advanced levels of engine cleanliness
  3. Lengthier oil life and apparatus life
  4. Proposals better fuel productivity

SAE 40/50

SAE 40/50 is mono-grade engine oil established to keep the engine clean and thwart slush creation for

Versatile apparatus. It helps to safeguard the engine from rust and wear.

  • Benefits
  1. Delivers superior engine cleanliness and preclude sludge formation.
  2. Guards engine against rust and oxidization.
  3. Offers outstanding engine wear safety.

Applications : Commended for diesel and gasoline engines of multi-purpose apparatus such as small wheels and water pumps.

  • Health and Safety

This product illustrates no substantial health or safety threat when used under commended applications and apposite handling. Elude direct contact. Wash proximately after contact.

  • What is the variance amongst SAE 40 and SAE 20W-50?

SAE 40 is a mono-grade oil that has a viscidness within the distinct bounds when tested at 100°C (212°F) and 150°C (302°F). As a mono-grade oil, it cannot integrate any polymeric viscidness index reformers.

SAE 20W-50 is a multi-grade oil. The W in 20W stances for winter, which designates that it has also been categorized for low-temperature performance, doesn’t beat stated maximum viscidness limits. The 50 specifies that this multi-grade oil has a complex viscidness at 100°C (212°F) than SAE 40 does.


Sharp Lubes wheel bearing grease is a sodium soap grease. Commended for lubrication of universal joints, wheel bearings, high-temperature grasp relief, and generator and fan bearings.

  1. Suffering free long service
  2. Virtuous operational solidity under high temperature or centrifugal force
  3. Simply pump-able & do not conduit when cold
  • Benefits:
  1. Alleviate the bearing’s structure.
  2. Decrease friction
  3. Keep the bearings in the upright condition
  4. Easily revolve your wheels
  • Classes of Wheel Bearing Grease
  1. Ion-Based Grease
  2. Ion-Based Grease
  3. Arine Wheel Bearing Grease Disc And Drum Bearing Grease
  • Key Features
  1. Water Confrontation
  2. Viscidness
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