The Complete Guide on Grease and its Applications

Grease is a solid or semi-solid substance made up of three ingredients, lubricants, thickener, and additives. The goal of grease is to remain in contact with moving surfaces and lubricate them without leaking out due to gravity, centrifugal force, or being squeezed out under strain. Its primary functional condition is that it maintains its properties when subjected to shear forces at all temperatures encountered during use.

While there are four main types of lubricants: oil, grease, penetrating lubricants, and dry lubricants, oil, and grease are taken into consideration more because they have a significant impact on the efficiency of your automobiles. Greases come in a variety of consistencies so one should be aware of the grease that is being used in his motorbike/car. Sharp lubes, the best grease manufacturers, deal in the best quality of grease. They are also one of the leading grease suppliers that only deals in making the high-quality grease type. If you are not sure which type of grease you require for your motor vehicle and your machinery, take a look at some of the most popular grease forms manufactured by Sharp Lubes, grease suppliers in Africa.


Types of Grease and its Applications

  • Multipurpose grease- Also famous for its name, Lithium Grease, this type of grease is known for its stability and durability. It’s designed to provide extra protection against oxidation and water washout in long-term automotive applications at low temperatures and masses. MP-3 grease is a flexible, high-ranking NLGI 3grade lithium grease based on ISO VG 160 mineral oil. It protects the parts from the elements and water by providing the appropriate coating. It also gives an extra shield against rust and oxidation.

Used for: Manufacturing plants, trucks, trailers, and landscaping, as well as farm and power sports equipment, can all make use of Multi-Purpose Grease. These include wheel bearings, clutch bearings, general joints, and ball joints.

  • High-Temperature grease- This is a lithium-based grease that is mass-produced for use in high temperatures and high abrasion mechanical loads. A High-Temp Grease from Sharp Lubes, the best grease manufacturers, is an excellent alternative for heavy-duty trucks, farm, and industrial equipment, as well as for daily household applications. These greases are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and the elements that are common in wheel bearings. They also protect against extreme pressure and, anti-wear possessions deliver the potential for prolonged element life.

Used for: Castrol High-Temperature Grease’s excellent thermal and mechanical consistency makes it ideal for use in automotive bearing applications where rotating speeds are higher. Sharp Lubes, one of the best grease manufacturers, specializes in greases for oven fan bearings and hot-mix asphalt plants.

  • Calcium grease- Calcium grease is often used in applications where water penetration is either continuous or unavoidable. They’re great for marine environments because they’re corrosion-resistant, have strong durability, and bind well with metal. Moreover, It provides excellent wear safety and extreme pressure efficiency over long service intervals. This product provides a constant protective barrier between metal pieces.


Used for: Calcium grease is suitable for delivery fleets, dump trucks, refuse haulers, utility fleets, emergency service vehicles, sewer and septic trucks, and many more. Also, this type of grease holds excellent anti-wear properties and provides protection against corrosion.

  • Gel grease- Gel grease manufactured at Sharp Lubes, the best grease manufacturers, is recommended for high-weight and speed applications. Its tacky texture aids in long-term preservation. This grease is widely used in the automotive and industrial sectors for high temperature and quick applications. It’s the highest-quality Gel automotive grease, with a high drop point, excellent thermal and mechanical consistency, and resistance to water washout. It can store a lot of shock loads and also has a lot of heat resistance.

Used for: In rough working conditions and industrial determinations, gel grease is the best feature grease for use in automotive wheel bearings on all forms of tourist, commercial vehicles off-highway, farm machinery, and high-speed automobiles.

  • Extreme pressure grease- Sharp Lubes’ Extreme pressure grease is the most stable and long-lasting form of grease. It can withstand massive loads and extremely high pressures. EP grease offers much more dependable protection due to its thicker consistency, which adheres to the surface and forms an extra layer of protection against metal-to-metal contact. These lithium hydroxy stearate greases are designed to provide extra protection from wear, corrosion, and water washout. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 00 to 3, with base oil thicknesses ranging from 00 to 3.

Used for: EP 0 and EP 1 have good low-temperature pumping capability and are ideal for centralized lubrication schemes and other applications that require low-temperature efficiency.
EP 2 is recommended for antifriction and basic bearings, bushings, and pins that are used under normal operating conditions.


Eventually, some form of grease is essential for every type of vehicle and machinery. As a result, finding the right type of grease that will help your vehicle run better and faster is critical. Sharp Lubes, the best grease manufacturers and grease suppliers, customizes grease for each vehicle and machine type to ensure long-term results. Contact Sharp Lubes right now to improve the performance of your vehicle and machinery.



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