Why Is Calcium Grease The Most Preferred Choice In Mozambique

All greases are the same. Isn’t that right?

Well, the answer is no! All greases are not the same. Different types of equipment require distinct greases and, if not used, you run the risk of tarnishing your machinery’s power and making it unable to last. Greases are a combination of base oil, thickeners, and additives. The primary function of all these greases is to protect the components from friction and corrosion.

If we talk about calcium sulfonate greases in South Africa, then these greases are there for 50 years. This grease has some of the characteristics of Extreme Pressure grease, which distinguishes it from other greases. This is why calcium sulfonate-based greases are appealing to the food industry.


What makes calcium sulfonate popular?

Calcium greases in Mozambique are the favorite choice of industries such as automotive, mining, construction, metal, chemical, and power generation industries.

Sharp Lubes, the best calcium grease manufacturer in South Africa, deals in high-quality calcium grease, making it the most popular worldwide.
This grease is popular due to its unique characteristics which are:


Properties of calcium grease are:

  • Sharp Lubes’ calcium grease in Ethiopia performs remarkably high under uneven or harsh weather conditions.
  • When applied, this high-quality calcium grease forms a thick lubricating film, ensuring superior protection of equipment and machine parts that are exposed to water and operated in wet conditions.
  • The calcium grease in Mozambique exhibits high dripping points that again make it work better in high temperatures.
  • This calcium sulphonate grease in South Africa also can protect machine parts from rust and corrosion.
  • They have an extremely high load capacity that can be increased further with additives.

Sharp lubes manufactures a wide range of calcium sulfonate greases in Ethiopia that contain excellent properties and can be used in various industries worldwide.


General applications of Calcium Grease are:

This calcium grease made by Sharp Lubes can be used for a variety of purposes in Mozambique, including:

  • Suitable in automotive, agricultural, construction, food, industry, mining, paper manufacturing, and steel mills.
  • Can be used in various automotive applications like chassis, ballpoints, universal joints, and wheel bearings.
  • Because of its high resistance to water and oxidation, as well as its ability to withstand pressure and harsh working conditions, this calcium grease in South Africa is suitable for operations such as canal building, swamp lumbering, and on-surface mining.
  • It can also be used for marine equipment such as gearboxes, winches, deck machines, and other components.

Why choose Sharp Lubes’ Calcium Grease in Ethiopia?

Although there are countless suppliers of calcium grease all over the world. Sharp lubes, the best grease manufacturers in South Africa, manufactures premium quality calcium grease.

Here’s what you will get if you choose Sharp Lubes for your next purchase of calcium grease:


1. Quick delivery- We are experts at delivering our products on time. Our team ensures that every requirement is completed on time, without any quality compromises or delays. Thus, you will receive your products in any part of the world, regardless of where you live.

2. Genuine price- Sharp lubes, one of the best grease manufacturers in Mozambique, offers its products at reasonable prices to meet the needs of its customers. As a result, if you are looking for a solution for your grease-related product at a reasonable price, Sharp Lubes is the place to go.

3. High-quality raw materials- The raw materials used to make the grease are of high quality, ensuring there is no wear and tear in the products at any stage of use. We also ensure that the calcium grease is free of wear and tear and can easily withstand corrosion.

4. SERP’s favorite- If you search on Google- best grease manufacturers in South Africa or best calcium grease in Ethiopia, you will always see us on the top. This means that we are consistent at making our brand image globally by supplying high-quality grease products.

5. Product testing- We test our products at every stage of the production process to ensure that there is no deviation from the original approach. In addition, proper testing is done by testing experts at the end of the development process to ensure that the products function properly and without defects.

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