Grease and its functions

If we talk about Grease, we all know that it is a solid or semisolid lubricant that is formed as a thickening agent dispersion in a liquid lubricant. Grease is typically made up of soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. Industrial lubricants and greases assist your industrial machinery in maintaining the productivity and efficiency for which it was designed. They assist you in obtaining the best performance possible regardless of the application.

Today, if you go out to buy good-quality manufacturing grease for your machinery, you may get confused because of the vast ranges and sizes available. But here, we will introduce you to the best Grease Suppliers in South Chennai. Sharp Lubes, an Indo-Canadian company, supplies and distributes the best quality greases at competitive prices.

It is no surprise that many customers rely on them for greases for their machinery and automobiles, resulting in higher production numbers. Being the top grease supplier in South Chennai, Sharp Lubes has been selling a comprehensive range of industrial lubricants and greases for a variety of applications to clients.


Let’s take a look at some of the key functions that Sharp Lubes’ greases perform:


  • Separates moving parts: This Grease in North Chennai is commonly used to separate moving parts in a system or machine by forming a thin layer between the moving parts. This reduces friction and heat generation while producing less noise and vibration.


  • Diminishes friction: Another essential function that Sharp Lubes’s Grease in North Chennai performs is that it reduces the friction within the system or machinery. Since it contains friction modifiers, which chemically bind to metal surfaces resulting in increased efficiency and decreased friction.


  • Water-resistant: Sharp Lubes High-Temperature grease can easily withstand the effects of water while remaining in its original state. A soap/water lather may suspend the oil in the grease, forming an emulsion that can be washed away or, to a lesser extent, reduce lubricity by diluting and altering the consistency and texture of the grease.


  • Oxygen-resistant- This refers to a grease’s capacity to defend against oxygen. Grease reacts with oxygen to form intractable gum, sludges, and lacquer-like deposits, causing sluggish operation, increased wear, and clearance reduction. A coating of grease will aid to prevent or slow-rust, preventing the moisture from reaching the metal.


Sharp Lubes is an ISO Certified Indo-Canadian company that supplies top-quality Grease in South Chennai  & North Chennai. We cater to the needs of our clients and send them grease products as per their demands. The company’s major strength lies in delivering the best-in-class product. We have all types of greases, from multi-purpose grease to high-temperature grease. If you want to buy the best grease in North Chennai , you can call us or visit our website to get your relevant product. All of these products are available online, you can choose them as per your wish.



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