Which is the Best Engine oil for your vehicle? Find out here!

Choosing the right engine oil for your car/bike can be a daunting task when there is already enough competition in the market. Every engine oil brand says- “It is the best!”
But it’s you who has to decide which engine oil is accurate for your motor vehicle.

To begin with, first, you should consider the Engine oil manufacturer in Tiruvallur. When looking for the right engine oil manufacturer, the four most important ingredients to look for are:

  • background
  • experience
  • recommendations
  • feedback

Your friends and family members may ask you to go for an Xyz Engine oil manufacturer in Madurai. But you must focus on the four factors mentioned above. When it comes to the best Engine oil manufacturers in Hosur, Sharp lubes tops the list. Being an Indo-Canadian lubricant company, we have been serving customers from all around the world for many years. Our engine oil performs a variety of functions, meeting the needs of our customers.

To choose the right type of Engine oil in Tiruvallur, Sharp Lubes gives you a complete guide.

Sharp Lubes Complete Guide To Choose The Right Type Of Engine Oil


  • Engine oil grades- Every Engine oil manufacturer in Madurai produces different types of engine oil as per different grades. These can be found in your owner’s manual. The required viscosity grades are based on the expected ambient temperatures, particularly the starting temperatures. To choose the proper lubricant for your cars, use the viscosity grade(s) recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the life of the engine, especially during the engine’s warranty term.


  • Quality certificate- Another factor for choosing the proper sort of engine oil, according to Sharp Lubes, the top Engine oil manufacturer in Hosur, is to consider the quality certificate. The quality levels for diesel engines are denoted by the letter “C” and a second letter assigned in alphabetical order, starting with “A” for the lowest performance and ending with “J” for the most recent and highest performance. Always choose an engine oil brand that is tested by American Petroleum Institute (API). Sharp Lubes is certified by API.


  • Driving environment- Do you live in extremely cold weather or hot weather? Are the roads of your area paved or unpaved? These are some of the things you need to know while choosing the best Engine oil in Tiruvallur. As a result of these conditions, your engine will be under more strain, requiring more motor oil.


  • Vehicle series- The new models of automobiles provide easy and quick information on how to choose the right engine oil as it is available in the owner’s manual. Also, the manufacturers of the car/bike know what’s best for the same, this is why they give reliable information about the oil. On the other hand, if you have an old car then you are well aware of the right type of Engine oil in Madurai.


  • Type of oil- There are different types of engine oil available in the market. But when it comes to choosing the right one, Sharp Lubes, the best engine oil manufacturer in Hosur, provides the following types of engine oil.

Types of Engine Oil

  • Mineral oil- Mineral oils are available in a variety of viscosity and quality grades. They are recommended for drivers who have simple engine designs and drive consistently. Mineral oil is not advisable for people who drive in a variety of styles.


  • Synthetic oil- Synthetic oil is considered a better option if you frequently drive in harsh conditions. Because synthetic oils are formulated with higher-performing additives, they perform better at the extremes of the temperature spectrum, whether high or low.


  • Semi-synthetic oil- Sharp Lubes semi-synthetic oil is a blend of synthetic and mineral oils for greater oxidation resistance than mineral oil while also providing excellent low-temperature properties for your beloved engine.


  • High Mileage oils- Being the best Engine oil manufacturer in Tiruvallur, Sharp Lubes provides the best quality of high mileage oils. These oils are designed specifically for older vehicles or newer vehicles as it reduces the engine oil burn-off while also preventing oil leaks that can occur in older or high-mileage engines.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the types of engine oils and the factors to choose the right type of Engine oil in Hosur. It’s time to opt for an engine oil brand that can satisfy your vehicle’s needs. Sharp Lubes is the best Engine oil manufacturer in Madurai that will optimize the performance of your engine.

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