How To Choose The Right Engine Oil For Your Bike

It is quite evident that if you own a bike, you must be worried about the type of engine oil used in it. Engine oils are necessary to ensure that bike engines run smoothly and efficiently. Without it, the metal parts would be unable to move freely, resulting in a great deal of friction, which would generate a large amount of heat and result in a substantial loss of power.

You should always depend on a reputable lubricant company, such as Sharp Lubes, to ensure that only the right type of engine oil is used in your bike. Thus, you need to know about the engine oil being used in your bike from the engine oil manufacturer. But before you head towards finding the optimum bike engine oil 4t for your motorbike, you must be aware of the benefits it brings for you.


Benefits of Engine Oil

A 2 wheeler engine oil keeps your engine healthy and long-lasting. So one should always buy the engine oil from a reputable lubricant company. Here are some of the benefits of engine oil 4t:

  • Proper cooling- Engine oils help to cool the engine circuit by providing lubrication. Four-stroke engine oil provides your engine with immense cooling because your engine may heat up due to various reasons such as everyday usage, high temperature, and friction between mechanical parts. Thus, the oil is immune to tackiness and thermal breakdown at extremely high temperatures.


  • Longer lifespan- An engine oil has an expiration date, but if you buy a good quality engine oil from the engine oil manufacturer, it will last longer. A 4t bike engine oil keeps the engine clean, cold, and corrosion-free, preventing it from being clogged and damaged. As a result, mechanical components last longer and corrode less, giving engines a longer and healthier lifespan.


  • Better performance-A good quality four stroke engine oil can decrease the friction level that will help your motorbike to run smoothly. On the other hand, if you have regular or inexpensive four stroke engine oil in your bike, you would not be able to drag the horses out of your bike. So always trust the right engine oil manufacturer who will help in fulfilling the purpose of your motorbike.


Finding the correct engine oil is important to reap the benefits of your bike. Thus Sharp Lubes, the best lubricant company, assures you get the best quality products for your motorbikes.


Factors to consider before buying the engine oil

Here are some factors that you should consider before buying the four stroke engine oil for your bike:

  • Driving environment- The environment in which you live has a significant impact on the efficiency of your bike. Different situations can cause your vehicle to be stressed in different ways, such as requiring frequent engine oil changes. If you want to find out what kind of engine oil is best for you, consider the area you live in.


  • Viscosity ratings- Viscosity refers to measuring the oil’s resistance to flow. An oil’s viscosity is measured by two numbers. The first number indicates the weather, while the second indicates how oil flows under normal operating conditions. As a result, it is a vital consideration when purchasing 2 wheeler engine oil.


  • Bike Model– If you have a bike with a smaller engine (less than 200cc), premium mineral oil is ideal, but if you are willing to pay a little more for better performance, Semi-Synthetic Oil is recommended. Know about your bike model first before you go out and buy engine oil for your bike.


Thus, all of these factors make it ideal for you to go and buy the best quality engine oil for your motor vehicle. Sharp Lubes, the best engine oil manufacturer, deals with the best-in-class automotive oils such as 2t engine oil, four-stroke engine oil, etc. So, if you are also looking to get the engine oil for your two-wheeler, you can always rely on the best engine oil manufacturer to optimize the performance of your bike.

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