Understanding the main functions of your Automotive Oil

Every engine requires oil. Whether you own a two-wheeler or eight-wheeler, you would require oil to function your automotive vehicle effectively. Many buy the same oil from any Automotive oil Supplier in Madurai because they do not possess enough knowledge about the role of motor oil.

Most of us are aware that oil provides lubrication, but did you realize that it also plays a variety of other jobs in the engine? Understanding how engine oil works are critical to engine maintenance, whether it’s for your own vehicle, a fleet of company vehicles, or something else. Sharp Lubes, the top Automotive oil supplier in Hosur, is here to inform you about the unexpected roles that your automobile oil plays in protecting your engine.

5 Primary Functions Of Automotive Oil


  • Lubrication- The topmost function of an automotive/motor oil is to lubricate the engine parts. Motor oil must lubricate engine components to allow them to pass easily by one another without causing considerable power loss due to friction. Metal-to-metal contact is prevented by a thin layer of oil, which reduces wear and extends the engine’s life. It also aids in corrosion prevention by preventing moisture from coming into touch with metal surfaces.


  • Cleaning- Another critical role that an automotive oil in Madurai plays is the role of a cleaner. Motor oil suspends pollutants within the fluid and prevents contaminants from adhering to components, ensuring internal cleanliness. While the oil’s solvency is significant, detergents and dispersants are also important. Detergents are additives that keep impurities from sticking to components, particularly hot ones like pistons and piston rings. Dispersants are substances that help to keep pollutants suspended in a fluid. Dispersants work as a solvent, assisting the oil in remaining clean and preventing the creation of sludge.


  • Coolant- The engine’s coolant system keeps the upper engine and its components cool. Engine oil prevents energy loss and engine degradation by cooling the engine. Within an engine, heat is produced by both the combustion process and friction induced by the movement of engine components. Oil is directed onto these heated surfaces as it flows through the system, carrying the heat away to the oil sump. The heat is then dispersed into the air around the sump.


  • Sealant- Because the interface between the piston ring and the cylinder is not particularly smooth, the automotive oil acts as a seal between the two. By filling these gaps, Engine Oil improves engine performance and economy while also preventing hot gases from polluting the sump’s motor oil.


  • Protection- The automotive oil layer present between the metal surfaces also protects the engine components from coming in contact with each other. Since Sharp Lubes are the best Automotive oil supplier in Tiruvallur, its automotive oil prevents engine components from corrosion. Corrosion happens when these acids come into contact with engine components, resulting in premature component failure. These acids are combated by engine oils.


Its time to choose the right automotive oil

So now that you know that your automotive oil can do wonders for your engine, why not buy it from the best Automotive oil supplier in Madurai. Sharp Lubes tops the list when it comes to selling the most premium quality Automotive oil in Chennai and other parts of the world. If you have more questions regarding the use of Automotive oil, feel free to contact us.

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