Are You Choosing the Right Automotive Oil?

Because we are all familiar with the basic concept of engine oils and Automotive oils, we will not discuss the basics today but rather more in-depth information about the same. Those who believe that any automotive oil can be used in their automobiles, motorcycles, or trucks are running their vehicles incorrectly. You need to be very cautious when picking up the right Automotive oil in Tiruvannamalai. As metal-on-metal friction can halt down the performance of your vehicle’s engine, it’s crucial to pay attention to choosing the best Automotive oil manufacturers in Kanchipuram.

With that being said, let’s go through the essential recommendations that are a must before finalizing your Automotive oil supplier in Tirunelveli.

Understanding the Sharp Lubes’ Automotive Oil

Sharp Lubes’ Automotive oil is becoming increasingly popular not only in Chennai but throughout the world. We offer a diverse selection of automotive lubricants for large, medium, and light commercial vehicles, as well as personal vehicles. Our premium automotive oils and lubricants are engineered to improve performance in all conditions while also providing cleaner operation, increased mileage, and reduced oil change frequency. This is why we are also known as the best automotive oil supplier in Tirunelveli.


Keep these essential points in mind before you buy automotive oil:


  • Viscosity- The viscosity of an oil is a measure of its resistance to flow. It gets thinner (decreases) with increasing temperature and thickens (increases) with decreasing temperature. Not all oils react in the same way to temperature changes. Many oils can resist changes in viscosity caused by temperature changes. This property is known as the viscosity index, or VI, of the oil. The higher the viscosity index (VI) of oil, the less its viscosity is affected by temperature changes.


  • Pour Point- The pour point is another factor while choosing an automotive oil in Kanchipuram. The pour point, or the temperature at which a lubricant stops flowing, is critical in evaluating flow properties at low temperatures. As a result, it can become the determining factor when picking between two lubricants that have otherwise identical qualities.’


  • Cloud Point- Typically, the cloud point is higher than the pour point. The cloud point is the temperature at which wax (paraffin) begins to separate when oil is refrigerated to a low temperature, and it is an important indicator of practical performance in low-temperature automotive applications.


  • Flash Point- When testing fire-resistance capabilities, the flashpoint, or the temperature at which a lubricant momentarily flashes in the pressure of a test flame, is helpful. The flashpoint, like the pour point, can play a big role in deciding which lubricant to use, especially when it comes to lubricating machinery that handles extremely combustible materials.


  • Fire Point- The fire point is defined as the lowest temperature at which material vapors catch fire and continue to burn even after the ignition source is removed. Because the vapors produced at the flashpoint are insufficient to ignite the fuel, this is why the fire point is higher than the flashpoint.

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Why choose Sharp Lubes as your next Automotive oil supplier in Tirunelveli?

Sharp Lubes is an Indo-Canadian company that has served clients of more than 16 countries. We are one of the best Automotive oil suppliers in Tirunelveli that deliver lubricant products in all parts of the world. Our automotive oil is based on improved qualities as compared to other brands.

Sharp Lubes offers numerous advantages to its clients, few of them are:

  • Longer service life due to improved oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Locally based and listen to your needs swiftly.
  • Improved volatility means fewer engine oil emissions.
  • Greater soot-handling capabilities with a higher saturation level.
  • Our automotive lubricants all meet or exceed ISO, API, and SAE specifications.

Interested to know more about us? Visit our website to buy the best-in-class Automotive oil for your vehicle and live a hassle-free life.

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